Wiseco 4966M10200 102.00mm 9.9:1 Compression 686cc ATV Piston Kit

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  • Wiseco's forged pistons are tougher and more durable than cast pistons, and will stand up to the abuse that high performance motorsport applications require
  • Piston kits contain one piston, rings, piston pin and piston pin circlips
  • Moly-coated piston skirts
  • 10200XS ring set
  • 686cc

Product Description

This listing is for ONE piston with rings and circlips, You may need two pistons depending on your motorcycle All pistons are forged from aerospace aluminum alloys on s state-of-the-art forging presses Built on a legacy of championships for over 60 years by American craftsmen pistons have the latest dyno-tested technology to out-perform the competition forged pistons are priced with rings and circlips rings, clips and wrist pins only fit pistons; also note that ring types do not interchange (i.e. Wiseci CD ring is not interchangeable with TD ring)

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