Traditionally Handcrafted Ox Horn Bugle Trumpet Hunting - 3 sizes Available


Size:Extra Large

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  • The ox horn bugles are available in three sizes - Medium : 29cm approx, weighing approx 300g. Large : 42cm approx, weighing approx 475g. Extra Large : 72cm approx, weighing approx 1400g
  • All sizes and weights are approximate as these horns are made from natural ox horn so each one is slightly different and unique.
  • The horn bugles come with a leather carrying strap attached to the horn.
  • Made by one of the last and most skillful horn craftsfolk in the country - Abbeyhorn who have been carefully making horn products since 1749.
  • These horns DO work but it does take a bit of practice. Each bugle is as original as the horn that it is made from, no two are the same.

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June 26, 2015
First, let me say that even though this was International shipping, I still got it within ten days. That is FANTASTIC! Okay, now onto the review.

I own other horn items and the majority come with a smell to them. This one doesn't have it which means they actually took the time and care to clean it properly. That is a HUGE plus especially when this is a horn you will be blowing into! This is real ox horn and it looks great! The mouthpiece is trombone sized. Meaning it is, in my opinion, a medium which accommodates the widest range of mouth shape and sizes. The sound is clear and crisp and surprisingly loud even if you just lightly blow into it. The leather cord is tough and durable. It isn't long enough to put it over your shoulder but it is long enough to hang off of something. The cord is fitted for easy removal in case you want to put something longer on. The mouthpiece is plastic, thank goodness, because if it was bone you would be tasting the bone after enough use.

I ordered the large size. Measuring from one end to the other (not along the entire surface area of the horn but from one end, over the curve, to the other end) the size is 14.5 inches. If you place the measuring tape so that it conforms to the shape of the horn it is 15.75 inches. The end of the horn is oval. The long part of the oval is about 3.25 inches and the short part is 2.5 inches. The mouthpiece is circular and is 1 inch in diameter. Following along the entire contour of the leather strap it is 18.5 inches.

This is a VERY well made horn. It also is the perfect accent to all my medieval items.

Would I recommend this? YES! In a heartbeat and without any reservations!
March 20, 2018
I bought this as a Christmas gift for my boyfriend who had wanted a viking horn for some time. He would walk around the house pretending to blow his invisible viking horn, while making a howling sound. He was so excited when he opened this present. It does have a strong, odd smell to the horn. Even after washing with mild soap, the smell stays with it. You get over that though when you hear how awesome it sounds when blowing it. It does take some practice to get it right. You kind of need to put your lips together like you are giving a baby raspberries, and make a humming sound while your blowing. His son who played the trumpet was the first one to figure it out, but by the end of the night, even the 9yr olds were blowing away. I ordered the XL horn which has a great deep sound when blowing. It took a couple weeks to ship from overseas, but it came nicely packaged. I would recommend this to anyone looking for a authentic viking horn.
Always Demand Quality
July 6, 2017
Thank you for making a product that's lives up to the expectations and more. The mouth piece is very well made perhaps machined reminds of when I played the trumpet! It's blended into the horn itself looks both natural and quality machines. Excellent craftsmanship will look great hanging on my wall and equally functional when I wanna blow the horn. The cord ties around a grooved area around the horn on one end and tied into the horn at the other end. Shipping took a little bit but that's ok it was worth the wait and if I buy another one I'm buying it here and don't mind waiting as the quality is totally worth it!
August 1, 2017
Woodland Elf? Battle-tested Warrior? Pissed off at the neighbor's dog barking all night? This horn will let them know you're coming (once you master the technique for blowing it). Beautifully polished, this large, natural ox horn can become a focal point, hung by its strap on the wall.
Sam Bender
November 5, 2015
I have to say, this horn is absolutely awesome! After trying a few different ways, I can manage a somewhat good sound. It did have a bit of a smell to it, but that's expected seeing as its real horn. I little bit of mild soap and water got rid of it. The leather cord is small but is easily replaced with a long one. It's very unique and was well worth the money, and for shipping from Scotland, it arrived in a little over a week!! Would 100% recommend!!
March 28, 2018
Awesome horn. Shipping process was weird and was unable to track BUT came on time and was early. Used it for TT carnival and jovert. Also product.. and will probably buy the bigger size sooner or later. Amazing product & Great Detail guys!!!
Jesse D. Shultz
September 24, 2018
Still learning how to really give it a reliable sounding blow, but it is well made, and looks awesome. I just had to rinse it with some water and let it air out some and the smell went away.
April 21, 2017
This horn is awesome, got it quicker then the shipping date suggested, yes it did smell like bone inside i gave it a good rinse and dried it, this horn is awesome had to say it again sounding this thing off boosted moral to very high levels, so im editing my review as i ordered the XL version of this horn and its awesome its a canon very deep sounding horn not like the large but its very awesome i hope they have even larger horns
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