MyCableMart 6inch Premium VGA Male/Male Triple-Shielded Cable Gold Plated My Cable Mart FE-VGA-6IN

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  • SUGGESTION: Order this item in QUANTITY due to light weight to minimize TOTAL shipping costs
  • SHIPPING WEIGHT (Each): 0.19 lbs.
  • Gold Plated Connectors
  • Triple Shielded
  • Fully 15 pin connected

Product Description

This is a PREMIUM high-quality VGA cable, capable of supporting today's higher VGA resolutions and beyond. The following resolutions have been tested and are fully supported by our VGA cables: VGA (6x480), WVGA (800x480), SVGA (800x600), WSVGA (4x600), XGA (4x768), WXGA (0x768/800), SXGA (0x4), SXGA+ (x), WSXGA+ (1680x), UXGA (1600x0), WUXGA(190x0), QXGA (048x1536), WQXGA (560x1600), QSXGA (560x048). Resolutions obtained are still dependant on the video mode supported by your video card and monitor.

  • Connects any VGA video to any computer, switch or splitter with HD15 female port.
  • Supports all VGA monitors including analog flat panel display, high resolution desktop, CAD and graphic workstations.
  • Triple shielded for maximum graphics performance preventing signal loss, screen ghosting & loss of color
  • Works up to 00ft without a signal booster.
  • Fully Pinned (all 15 pins connected for full Plug and Play Support) and DDC Data Support
  • Gold Plated Connectors
  • Due to length, ferrite cores NOT installed
  • Have matched impedance w/PVC jacket
  • Molded ends with thumbscrews and inner hood soldered 360 degrees to the connector for complete end to end shielding.
  • Connectors: HD15 Male to Male
  • Color: Black

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