Motorcraft BRB-50 Power Brake Unit

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  • Motorcraft BRB50 BOOSTR ASY
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August 11, 2015
works fine, one day shipment, hope it holds up better than the original, cheap price, it's a shame Ford did not issue a recall for this on the 08 Edge as they did 10-13s, a real bugger to put in, save yourself some time, completely remove master cylinder first, instead of trying to work around it, brakes CAN be bleed without scan tool, it takes a lot longer to bleed though.
Jerry Meagher
October 29, 2014
Great quality replacement unit at an even better price. Called around to several local parts places, and they wanted almost DOUBLE what I was able to get this unit for from Amazon. Very glad I could get a Motorcraft brand part at less than the price the local places wanted for an aftermarket. Unit was tricky to install, but fixed the issue I was having - hissing noise when you pressed on the brake pedal with no power assist. If you have an Edge or MKX and run into this condition, this is the part you need to replace. I didn't have to replace my master cylinder, just this power brake unit.
February 26, 2018
Real good product it fit perfectly I highly recommend this no problems whatsoever
December 31, 2015
Item arrived sooner than expected and worked like a charm when installed. Packaging is original Motorcraft packaging.
April 28, 2016
Perfect factory replacement. the original went out at 156,000 miles
April 27, 2018
Works as it should have
Brikelle Thacker
November 6, 2018
It had an issue with it that we didn't notice. Made my whole engine have issues.
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