JMiles UH-HB236 Wall Mount Wire Basket for Magazines, Wire Loop design - Wall Mounted or Freestanding Countertop Storage Basket for Paperwork, Fruits and Veggies, and more J Miles Co.

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  • • Convenient and Efficient - Not only does this wall basket keep magazines, produce, or sundries close at hand, but it keeps them up off the countertops or the kitchen table
  • Decorative and Functional - Whether used to keep magazines and paperwork orderly or to hold fresh fruits and vegetables, this elegantly simple basket is a stylish storage solution
  • Easy to Mount - Basket can be affixed to almost any wall using basic screws (anchors recommended for drywall or plaster) or it can be perched freestanding on a shelf or counter
  • Keeps Foods Fresh - The open design of this wire basket promotes plentiful airflow to keep fruits and vegetables fresh and ripe
  • Quality Materials - This well-made, durable basket will last for years even with heavy usage

Product Description

The JMiles UH-HB236 Wall Mount Wire Basket can easily store all your favorite magazines and the daily newspaper, the mail, and your important files. It can also accommodate half a dozen apples, a bunch of bananas, and an orange or two (or three or four). Or you can install it near the door and use this wide, narrow wire basket to store your wallet, keys, sunglasses, and all the other odds and ends you grab before you head out the door. In other words, the UH-HB236 is an all-around versatile storage solution for all sorts of stuff you have in your home. A JMiles UH-HB236 Wall Mount Wire Basket is ideal for storing fruits and veggies in the kitchen. It's wire frame and woven metal band bottom keep your foods securely in place while also allowing plenty of air circulation, which keeps produce fresher for longer. When mounted to the wall, the basket frees up counter or tabletop space, but it can also be set down freestanding and moved as needed. The UH-HB236 mounts easily to almost any type of wall using just a pair of screws. Wall anchors are recommended for installation in some types of drywall or plaster, especially if you plan to load the basket up to its full capacity with foods, paperwork, or other items. Made from durable powder-coated metal, the UH-HB236 Wall Mount Wire Basket resists rust and corrosion and wipes clean with just a damp cloth.

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