HR Professional Referee Whistle, Coach Whistle Loud and Clear Whistle with Lanyard Sporting Goods Great for School Sports, Soccer, Football, Basketball big-time



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  • Material and design:made of ABS ,it is safe and reliable. Dual airflow design is adopted to guarantee better sound transmission and farther transmission distance.
  • Size: about 6*2*2.6cm / 2.76*0.79*1.02in, lanyard length about 85cm / 33.46in .
  • Loud and clear : Features a bold, crisp sound that requires less breath than traditional whistles .
  • Many Uses: Whistles are handy for coaches, referees, linesmen and officials as well as for lifeguards, animal trainers, and traffic police officers .
  • Applicable scene: Football, Basketball, Volleyball, Professional Ball Game, Wild Adventure Call For Help, Rescue Command .

Product Description

Product parameters:
Product name: professional coach referee whistle
Material: ABS
Applicable scene: Football, Basketball, Volleyball, Professional Ball Game, Wild Adventure Call For , Rescue Command
Product color: gold, silver
Product size: about 6**.6cm / .76*0.7*1.0in, lanyard length about 8cm / .6in

Product features: 

This product made of safe material is safe and reliable. Dual airflow design is adopted to guarantee better sound transmission and farther transmission distance.

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October 3, 2018
Fantastic price. Exactly as advertised w/ replacement parts. Shipped promptly.
Marlon Medrano
January 14, 2019
Comes with the finger grip.
Guaranteed ship within 5-7 business days