Fuel Pressure Gauge for Any Semi, Pickup Truck or Car - Bezel: Black - LED Color: Red - PSI Range: 0-300 PSI Teltek USA


Color:Bezel: Black - LED Color:Blue

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  • Sensor mounts with NO fuel lines running to the dash
  • Choice of either a: 0 - 300 PSI range, or 0 - 150 PSI range
  • High accuracy external 10' sensor cable assembly
  • Mounts in the standard 2 1/16" hole which fits most dashes. If 2 1/16" hole not available, try our self-enclosed "Informer" gauges or purchase a mounting bracket or pillar.
  • Easy installation instructions included

Product Description

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: The Fuel Pressure Gauge accurately displays the pressure inside the fuel lines outside of your car, truck, tractor, RV, motorhome or other vehicle. gauges are best in class and backed by over 20 years of design and manufacturing. CONTENT: When you are looking for a helpful gauge that can help you monitor the pressure in the fuel system in your truck or auto, this fuel pressure gauge is an excellent choice for an accessory to your dashboard. This digital fuel pressure sensor gauge fits in a standard 2 1/16 inch hole in your dashboard and is easy to install. Correct pressure is very important for proper fuel / air mixtures in fuel injected applications. Any drop fuel pressure could lead to an extremely lean air / fuel mixture could result in costly engine damage. If you want know your truck or auto's fuel pressure at all times, then purchasing a fuel pressure gauge would be the next step. Rely on the our car or truck fuel pressure sensor gauge to accurately monitor the amount of fuel pressure for you. All the gauges come with real lifetime warranty and are made in America. Another great feature of this fuel pressure sensor is the choice of either a black or chrome bezel. Either bezel can increase the esthetics of the interior of your vehicle. Being able to view the display on the gauge is no problem, in fact, it is easy. With our bright LED displays, large numbers and auto-dimming feature for driving during the evening and night, the fuel pressure gauge is easy to read in any conditions. This gauge comes with either a bright blue or red LED display.

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