da Vinci Watercolor Series 5590 Petit Gris Mix Paint Brush, Round Russian Blue Squirrel Hair/Synthetic Mix with Lacquered Non-Roll Handle, Size 1 da Vinci Brushes 5590-01


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:Cats Tongue

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  • New russian blue squirrel hair "mix" brush with a new synthetic squirrel imitation fiber. aka petit gris mix.
  • The thick reservoir of the belly is designed for maximum water holding as this brush lays down softly textured washes.
  • A highly elastic brush that is more affordable in larger sizes for wash and mop techniques.
  • Excellent for Watercolor, Gouache or Porcelain Painting.
  • Certified green manufacturing with sustainable wood handles, made in germany.

Product Description
Size:Size 1  |  Style Name:Round

After an intensive testing period, da Vinci introduces a new Russian Blue Squirrel hair "mixed" with a new synthetic squirrel imitation fiber. The result is a highly elastic brush that is more affordable in larger sizes for wash and mop techniques. The thick reservoir of the belly is designed for maximum water holding as this brush lays down softly textured washes. Made in Germany. Available in Sizes 1 to 30.

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January 8, 2016
Got the no 2 size brush and it is fantastic for sketchbook and detailed drawing/painting. The tip is surprisingly sharp and resilient. I won't rehash how awesome this brush is - I think others have covered it better than I could- but I did want to post a picture since I wasn't sure how big this brush would be upon arrival. Happy painting!
N. Zahrani
January 19, 2016
Using this kind of brushes takes a bit of getting used to as the hairs don't come back to a default shape/position- rather the hairs take the shape of the last stroke! They hold loads of water and can make very thin lines. When wet, they come to a very fine point that is great for details. I got size 0, 2, and 4. I usually paint on the small side (9in X 12in). The sizing is very different from the sizing of
August 11, 2016
It's delightful painting with this brush! Feels so good in the hand, and the small size of the brush makes this keep its shape more than I'd expect from a squirrel brush. Holds water well, has a nice point and a plump belly. This is an amazing brush for the price! Get it while you can at this low price. It's more than worth it!

I have a small Isabey travel squirrel brush. I thought that since it was such a small brush it somehow necessarily sacrificed quality.

Not so! This brush is very well made. Not a travel brush, but it has become my go-to brush when working on smaller pieces.

I've included two photos. One when it is dried naturally, and another when wet.

I have three of these. One of the brushes came to me damaged. I found it hard to believe that a paint brush, particularly with soft hair, would be mailed without any protection.

The brush was pressed against the box so that the hair had an L shape to it.

I thought it was ruined, but luckily I was able to get it back into its proper shape and working for me as it should.

One of the advantages this brush has over other squirrel hair brushes I have is that the hairs are arranged perfectly, with a plump belly and a sharp tip.

Being that it is small in length, the brush keeps its shape more than my larger squirrel hair brushes.

It performs perfectly, and better than I expected.

The way it holds its shape seems halfway toward what you'd get from a sable brush and the usual squirrel hair brush.

I've never had one work so well for me than this one.

I don't think you'll be disappointed.
Patti Harada
March 18, 2013
I have five da Vinci Pure Blue Squirrel brushes. (while I'm at it, I should mention that I have one Raphail, One Winsor Newton, and two Isabey Pure Squirrel brushes. (If I find one on sale, I pawn one of my grandkids to buy it). Truly, it is the Pure-Blue-Squirellishness of them that is most remarkable. I had been told they were worth the price and held more color (or water) than any other brush. I should, and will, measure the difference in capacity. But on sight, holding two brushes in a glass of water and then squeezing the water into empty paint pans, I was shocked to see a whole lot more water from these beautifully made Pure Blue Squirrel brushes. One interesting note: no matter how heavy the load of color in the bristles, they don't drip. Getting the color to flow requires touching the tip to a surface.

Aesthetics: As an artist, you'll benefit from the physical look and feel of da Vinci's Pure Blue Squirrel brushes. The handle shapes and lengths have a wonderful feel. All the brushes in this series have beautiful hand wound bindings,u00a0
December 23, 2017
This is a wonderful mop brush. As such, it was difficult for me to use when I first bought the size 2 mop as a beginner watercolorist - the large amount of water it holds, the way the bristles bend to one side after a stroke and stay that way, all proved difficult for me. After a year and longer of practice, I went back to it and could finally experience the benefits in precisely those features. It really does allow a thinner sharper line than any other brush I have, and unlike a liner, it doesn't need re-loading because the brush can carry plenty of water and allow the full pigment strength of the watercolor to stay just on the tip, when needed. I loved the effect so much with the size 2, I came back to amazon and bought a size 5, which is a great size for painting anything from 5x7 to 9x12.
If you're a beginner, you may find it unwieldy, so get some practice first, and watch the way experienced watercolorists employ the mop brush, how they stroke, how they allow it to deposit puddles in one spot and skip across another. For more control and precise work, I've been very happy with the Grumbacher Taklon brushes, but to go more loose and expressive with stroke, definitely this mop brush.
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