Cortech GX-Sport Men's Textile Armored Motorcycle Pants (Black, Tall 38/X-Large) 8983-0105-17



:Size 34 Medium

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  • Performance cut, 600 denier Carbolex shell with 1680 denier Ballistic polyester knee panels for abrasion resistance
  • Removable waterproof barrier
  • Phoslite reflective material panels and piping for increased nighttime visibility
  • Durable, 1680 denier Ballistic Polyester seat panel to minimize slipping
  • Double-Stitched construction throughout

Product Description

Complementing the GX Series of jackets, the GX Sport Pant is a performance cut, 600 denier Carbolex shell with 680 denier Ballistic polyester knee panels. CE-approved armor in the knees features 's 3-Position Knee Armor Alignment System to guarantee the best fit. Ergonomics are covered with Accordion-Style expansion panels at the rear waist and above knees with 500 denier Spandex Carbolex in the inseam. Mother Nature's changes are covered with zippered vents on the top of the thigh and a removable waterproof liner.

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Just Me
July 19, 2018
I purchased these pants in Mar 2018. I wear them almost daily as I commute 60 miles to work in SoCal. Last week I noticed a fray in a seam by the pocket. I didn't worry too much at the time, however two days later the pants began to come apart in a single day. They fell apart all over. I haven't washed them or crashed so I don't know what could've caused them to come apart so spectacularly.

I contacted the seller who offered to send them to the manufacturer for a warranty exchange. I declined because if the can come apart from just use, how much protection could they provide.

I recommend that you pass these pants by, spend a few more dollars and get protection that might actually provide protection.

I couldn't figure how to add multiple pics, but the one I added shows all of the seam failures.
April 1, 2013
I have owned a Cortech jacket for years and it has stood the test of time well so I decided to buy a pair of Cortech riding pants. Since I recently purchased a new GX Sport Air jacket the GX Sport pants were a natural option. I'm pleased with them so far with one exception. The armor in the knees is pretty much useless because there is no adjustment feature like with their jackets. The knee armor is very loose and rotates easily. The jackets have straps on the arms that allow you to adjust the tightness of the elbow armor. I don't understand why they didn't do the same thing for these pants. They otherwise fit well and are well made but the knee armor is not tight fitting and can't be adjusted. If I ever fall off my bike they will essentially do nothing. That's why I'd deducting one star.

Aside from the knee armor, as I mentioned they are well made. They also keep my legs warm. I just went out for my first post winter ride and it was in the 50's. I felt no cold air whatsoever on my legs. In the summer I'll have to remove the liner because it will get much too hot. I wore them in my house before going for my ride and was sweating profusely. I will update the review once I've had a chance to ride in the summer heat.

On size, I am 5' 11" and currently about 175 pounds. I purchased 38 long because I figured if I gained weight I would not want the pants to be too tight and I don't like riding with tight pants. They are slightly loose in the waste but with a belt they are fine. I imagine the knee armor problem wouldn't be quite so bad if they were a size smaller but they would still be useless. I got long because I don't want them riding up while on my bike and that was a good choice. They fit well while riding. I ride a sport bike not a cruiser so my knees are bent.

Summary: These are well made and a decent price for what you get. If they had adjustable knee straps they would be perfect. I will have to buy some knee supports similar to an Ace bandage in order to keep the knee armor in place.
May 13, 2016
The pants appear to be well made. I would prefer that the pants were less baggy in the legs since they are not meant to wear over street pants. However, I did wear them over a thin light-weight pair of trousers. The 36 waist size fits my 37 inch belly button measurement. I will wear these pants in the winter, spring and fall. I have mesh pants for the summer.
January 21, 2015
These pants are very well made and would be great to keep ya warm on a motorcycle, However, though they are listed as Tall they didn't fit my husband who is 6'5". We had to return them. Also the waist seemed small for the size with that I would say order them a bit larger in the waist, Tall if you wish them to fit over your boots, but not to fit a 'tall' man.
D. Ogier
August 11, 2016
It broke quickly
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