4 1/2' REACH BENCH HOLD-DOWN CLAMP - JORGENSEN # 1708 by Peachtree Woodworking Adjustable Clamp 1708.0

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WE DO NOT STOCK THIS ITEM. IT WILL BE DROPPED SHIPPED DIRECTLY FROM THE MANUFACTURER. These versatile easy-to-use clamps are for holding work in place on bench tops. Made of solid iron with a black baked-enamel finish; hold work securely by simply tapping into 3/4" hole in bench top ( requires pre-drilling ). Bench dog is for securing work when used in conjunction with a vise dog; steel dog fits 3/4" hole in bench top.

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Charles W. Hubbard
May 26, 2012
I am a novice woodworker, with a very small shop area. I was finally fed up with using a piece of plywood over my table saw table as my "work bench". I've recently constructed a nice, stand-alone bench with two Jorgensen wood vices Jorgensen 41012 Woodworkers Vise mounted to a table top consisting of three pieces of 3/4" plywood laminated together and topped with 3/16" masonite to form the work surface. I drilled 7/8" holes on 6" centers along the axes of each vice, ostensibly to use with bench dogs, but, after hearing about these Jorgensen holdfasts, I thought I'd get a couple to use in the bench dog holes as well. I've never used a holdfast before, and, more than anything I guess, I was just curious to see how they worked. I ended up ordering one of the 4 1/2" versions and one of the 8" versions 8" REACH BENCH HOLD-DOWN CLAMP - JORGENSEN # 1716. They arrived a few days ago, and I've been playing with them ever since.

The 4 1/2" version I love! The finish is nice (powder coat?), and the feel is good. But what is most important is just how WELL the thing works! One firm tap with a rubber mallet about 30 degrees forward on the top curve clamps boards solidly to my bench. A light tap on the back immediately releases it. I've tried it with various thicknesses of wood. Up to 2 inches, it works spectacularly. Above 2 inches (I've gone as thick as 3 1/2 inches -- a piece of 4x4), it requires more force to set, and appears to damage the hole somewhat. I wouldn't recommend it for wood over 2 inches. For thicker material, you may have better luck with the larger 8" version. Keep in mind that my bench top is made from several layers of regular old exterior A-C plywood capped with masonite, which means the top is pretty soft. A hardwood bench may handle higher setting force without damage, I couldn't say.

Overall, I'm very pleased with this tool. It sets and releases with ease every time, and is just the ticket for thinner material. For me that's perfect. I rarely work with wood as thick as 2 inches anyway. I like this holdfast well enough that I've ordered two more.

I would also like to add a couple observations about the 8" equivalent holdfast for those people that may be having trouble trying to decide which one to go with. To start with, the 8" clamp is BIG! It is 16 inches long with a 2x2 inch clamping surface (compare this to 8 inches long and 1x1 inch clamping surface for the 4 1/2" clamp). That's larger than I was expecting and really larger than I want. The 8" clamp has the same nice powder coat finish as its little brother, and it sets and releases equally well (perhaps taking a sharper tap to get it properly set). My main complaint with the 8" version is that its vertical shaft has a hexagonal cross-section, the angles of which dig into the side of the bench dog hole pretty severely compared to the smaller version and its circular cross-section. Again, this may be due to having a soft bench table. A hardwood bench top may stand up better to the large clamp. On my table, I don't plan to use it, and I can't recommend it.
November 23, 2016
This was not a good buy. I only used this a few times over 2.5 years and it recently broke at the neck. It is of pot metal, pig iron, whatever. Very cheap. This says that it is from Jorgenson ( usually a good name) but the name PONY was cast into the head. I just purchased a pair made of bent hammered steel by GRAMERCY. That is what you want. It has a reach of 7 inches and was only $36 for a pair.
October 21, 2015
Cheap Junk! Couldn't be more disappointed. It broke the VERY first time I used it.. I had just drilled the whole and was bragging to my GF how useful this was going to be when I whacked it in the whole with my mallet, it didn't lock in place, and on the 4th whack it broke at the 90* angle. It appears cast, not forged. Junk..
April 9, 2015
First time I tried to set it in my bench it broke after a firm tap. Nothing abusive mind you, and with a wooden mallet. The flaw in the casting was obvious in the broken pieces. The vendor offered to replace it not refund my money even after sending photos and I had to return the item at my own expense. That was not worthwhile for what is likely to be another bad item.
Honest Reviewer
January 30, 2013
This metal hold down is the other half to a set of plastic bench dogs I also bought. As I said in the other review, each has its place in my show. And to tell you the truth, I used the hold downs more in the horizontal bench holes (holding a workpiece against the side of the bench) than in the dog holes on the bench top.

Great product and so far I have no complaints.
Kevin Townsley
August 27, 2012
This hold down is well made. It can definitely take a beating. However, if you have a normal work bench with a 3"+ top. Don't buy it. It just won't hold. I went ahead and bought the larger hold down which I don't really like because the shaft being octagonal chews up my dog holes a bit. I am now using the 4.5 on my sliding deadman. Works fine.
March 10, 2013
These come in handy on large workbenches where conventional clamps are difficult to use. They can hold down your board in the middle of the work surface, where sliding C clamps and bench vice dogs are inconvenient. However, you are going to have to drill your workbench several times. Be ready to invest in a 3/4" boring bit.
July 16, 2015
While this is a cast unit (instead of a forged one), it has worked pretty well since I got it. I'll probably buy a few more units, as this type of hold-down seems to work best when there are two clamps in use. The units showed up on time and the quality was good.
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